Fire! AHHHH!!!

Fire by Estella Dee

Ever since I’ve started using markers, it’s rare that I use other medium for fashion illustration, unless of course, if the look requires me too. But in general, I render my sketches in graphic markers. My favorite so far, is the Kurecolor markers.   Continue reading

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Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 – Coronation Night

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 Amadea Lucia Piatti

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 Amadea Lucia Piatti

It was the first (and am I hoping not the last?) I have truly enjoyed watching a beauty pageant. I am not really a fan, contrary to popular belief, that, here in the Philippines, it is a given that for someone like myself, I may loose limb and arm, but never should I dare miss a Miss Something. LOL.  True enough, most of my friends, do somehow get all excited when ever beauty contest is on. It’s similar to how men would be eager for a sports season.  Continue reading

Miss CdeO 2013 Long Gown Competition

#5 Amadea Piatti

#5 Amadea Piatti in Estella Dee

#5 Amadea Piatti

#5 Amadea Piatti in Estella Dee

Last August 02 was the long gown competition of the Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013, and we, the Designer’s Assembly, sponsored the cocktail dresses for the 12 (I must say) lovely candidates. While our counterparts, the Oro Fashion Designer’s Guild did their long gowns.  Continue reading

Estellar by Estella Dee Spring/Summer 2013

Estellar by Estella Dee Spring/Summer 2013

Here are a few of my designs during the last Mindanao Fashion Summit, my very first fashion show.

Designs by: Estella Dee

Styling by: Query Catalan Querol-Tiu

Photos by: Babang Gevero Castillon
Model: Amador Kiamco, Christine Üü Ramirez, Grea Jane, Roxanne Osmil ocation: Sonrisa Vista Continue reading

The Seven Daughters of Sin

The Seven Deadly Sins

from left to right: Acedia (Sloth), Invidia (Envy), Luxuria (Lust), Superbia (Pride), Ira (Wrath), Avaritia (Avarice) and Gula (Gluttony)

Before I decided that I wanted to design clothes for a living, my background (initially) is illustration/cartooning. So the transition was not really that difficult, since we have, after all, Fashion Illustration. Continue reading

Idyllically Provincial

It feels good to be able to blog again. I have been working on my portfolio for an application these past few weeks, I barely have enough time for anything else. Anyways, here’s a sketch I have been working for a project on my Advance Pattern Making class: 

Idyllically Rustic

medium: ink and markers

The inspiration for these looks is from an old children’s book, I bought for my sister on her 11th birthday (if I remember it correctly), called “Peter and the Wolf“. Continue reading

Decades Apart

Decades Apart

60’s Vibe : Let’s do the twist ! ! !
Design by : Estella Dee

Fashion has gone a long way. It has proven to be as formidable as time itself. Constantly adapting to every era, every decade. It has understood that it needed to evolve not only to survive, but more importantly, to remain relevant to everyone who breathes and lives it’s essence- and maybe even to those who are indifferent to it. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Runway

Estella Dee in Gil Macaibay III for SOLid Colors Fashion Show

Estella Dee in Gil Macaibay III for SOLid Colors Fashion Show

So last January 23rd there was a unique fashion show (named SOLid Colors) that happened in our small quiet city. Unique in the sense that the stars on the runway were members of the LGBT community. It was the very first time that this has ever happened here (I know in some parts of the Philippines, this has already been done). It felt really amazing because, even though there were still some ignorant comments here and there, but the general consensus was positive- especially, considering, for a small city like mine, where gender is still the norm rather than acceptance.  Continue reading

Welcome to Emerald City (Complete)

Emerald City by e + d

There is something about the color green, that makes me jump up and down for joy. It’s like Christmas. So upon knowing that Pantone Color Institute has decided to make Emerald Green as this year’s hue, you can just bet that I did jump up and down for joy- no exaggeration. It is rather puzzling for me, but somehow my imagination goes crazy when I think about the color. Continue reading

The Mindanao Fashion Summit 2013 S/S Collection (Guest Designers)

I may have failed to mention that the Mindanao Fashion Summit (MFS) is close (if not equivalent) to the Philippine Fashion Week (in this part of the archipelago), as both top and rising designers from major cities in the country gather to showcase their masterpieces.

Having said that, I am humbled to have experience the country’s most sought after designers.

Design by Frederick Peralta

Frederick Peralta’s final look is simply divine.

Continue reading